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Young Athletes

Tim knows he’s going to be playing in the NHL someday. That’s the dream! And he knows it means to work hard, study harder, get up early and take a lot of practice shots. While provincial laws might make it tricky to “advertise” to him, you can be sure he’ll remember that free hot cocoa and cool cap on the long drive home.


Adults Players

Robert stays positive and endures the hard days at work for one reason only: Sunday. That’s the day where he puts on his team shirt, meets with the boys, and gets to be a star on the field for two halves. He posts every game summary on Facebook for his friends to see – especially the part that shows he scored the game-winning goal.


Active Families

You never know. That’s what the Millers tell themselves when they get up early to drive for hours to a remote competition. When they arrange their schedule to fit the upcoming games. When they shop for the best equipment, or spend a little extra time at the stadium. Their little champ is good – real good – and you never know how far he could make it.